School of Nursing

Admission to the Pre-Licensure BSN Program

Acceptance into the BSN Program (Nursing major) involves three stages:

Stage One: Admission to Western Illinois University

Prospective nursing students must apply for and be granted admission to the University. Students should indicate they want enroll in the pre-nursing program.

Stage Two: Admission to the Pre-Licensure BSN Program

Students who wish to enter the Pre-Licensure BSN program must make an appointment with the Nursing adviser. All general education courses and nursing support courses must be satisfactorily completed by date due.

Stage Three: Admission to the Nursing Major Prelicensure BSN Emphasis

Students who wish to apply for admission to the Nursing major as an Pre-Licensure (Basic BSN) nursing student must:

  • Have a complete application on file with NursingCAS by selecting Western Illinois University Nursing no later than the date due.
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Have a minimum nursing support course GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale with a grade of C+ (2.33) or better.
  • Submit an official transcript with the Application for Admission. Failure to submit all post-secondary transcripts will result in a denial of admission.
  • Secure letters of reference from two (2) professional references: one academic (i.e., instructor or professor) and one employer (i.e., supervisor). If there has been no employment, students may submit letters from two instructors/professors.
  • Provide documentation to Certified Background Check that all health and safety requirements for the School of Nursing have been met by date due. (Students are responsible for all costs incurred for admission as well as ongoing safety requirements.)
  • Criminal Background Check - All applicants are required to submit a criminal background check.
  • Drug Screen - All applicants are required to be drug tested on admission with random drug screens thereafter. Applicants with a felony conviction or a positive drug screen may be denied entry into the clinical facility for clinical practice.

This program is highly competitive. Meeting or exceeding the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

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