School of Nursing

Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits are required?
A total of 125 credits are required for graduations: sixty-five (65) of these are in nursing. The RN-BSN Completion students have 36 nursing credits to complete online.
Do you accept transfer credits?
RN students may bring 30 credits of general nursing electives: pre-licensure may not transfer nursing credits from another program.
Can I attend classes on a part-time basis?
The RN-BSN Completion program is part time and completely online  over two (2) years. The pre-licensure program is full time for 2 years.
Is financial assistance available?
Yes. Most students who apply receive some financial aid in the form of loans, grants, or scholarships. In addition, there are scholarships available through the School of Nursing.
Can I enter nursing with a LPN?
You can apply for the pre-licensure program, but we do not accept any LPN courses in transfer.
What if I already have a bachelor’s degree?
Individuals who have a bachelors degree must apply to the Graduate School. You may need to make sure you have successfully completed all the nursing support courses and then apply to the nursing major. When you are accepted in nursing, you can request undergraduate status from the registrars’ office.
Do you accept CNA credit?
No, CNA credits do not carry academic credit that can be transferred.
Is there an accelerated program? Can I be done in a year?
No, at this time both the RN-BSN and pre-licensure require a minimum of 2 years.
How many students do you accept and how often?
At this time we accept 50 students for the pre-licensure program for a Fall start date. We accept up to 40 RN students for our online RN-BSN Completion program for a fall start.