School of Nursing

Criminal Background Check

Western Illinois University School of Nursing requires a criminal background check using CastleBranch (CB). This requirement is in compliance with 225ILCS 65, the Nurse Practice Act. All students accepted by the School of Nursing must have their background check documentation authenticated by CB before they will be allowed to begin coursework in nursing. This process takes time so please plan on starting the process in July before the Fall Semester of taking courses or November before the Spring Semester of taking courses. If the process is not complete, the student’s admission to the School of Nursing may be revoked. At the present time, students will have to have a background check only once (unless directed by the clinical agency), immediately before entering the School of Nursing, as long as there is continuous enrollment in the School. If the student withdraws from the School, the background check will have to be repeated.

Students will complete the information required by CB for their background check. Students should be aware that health care agencies complete a background check on employees and students taking the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) must complete a background check to be licensed as a registered nurse.