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Green Party Candidate Dr. Jill Stein to Speak to WIU Students and Attend Mock Presidential Election

November 4, 2011

MACOMB, IL – Dr. Jill Stein, a Green Party presidential candidate, will be at Western Illinois University Monday, Nov. 7 to speak about her campaign in classroom settings and to address WIU students with a brief speech that evening on the final night of the Mock Presidential Election, better known as “The Road to the White House Starts at Western Illinois University.”

The Massachusetts physician easily won Western’s Green Party presidential nomination ticket Nov. 3, an event that drew an unprecedented crowd of enthusiastic students. The simulated party convention was designed to teach WIU students about the American political process along with civic responsibility and participation. Kent Mesplay, who also is a Green Party candidate for president, was nominated as Stein's vice presidential running mate.

When she was notified that the WIU College Greens had nominated her, Stein thanked her campus campaign manager Kristin Davis (Timewell, IL), a junior marketing major, and said: “I'm humbled and honored to be your nominee. We call this a mock election. But I wonder if the real election is the money-driven, spin-controlled presidential election we've seen so far on television, because it's mocking the spirit of real democracy. Fortunately, that spirit of real democracy is alive and well at Western Illinois University, where students are raising the bar for young people across America to stand up and take their future back in this election. That's why I'm coming to Macomb, to join students that are leading the way for the future they deserve. Let it begin at WIU."

Stein will be visiting with classes throughout the day Nov. 7 and will present “Using Your Vote to End Student Debt, Unemployment, and Wall Street Domination” at 2 p.m. in Morgan Hall 101A. The lecture is open free to the public, followed by an opportunity to meet Stein.

Stein announced her candidacy for president in Boston on Oct. 24. This is her first campaign tour, which she has based around the WIU Mock Presidential Election, according to Casagrande, associate professor of anthropology and adviser to the Campus Greens student organization. Stein will also stop in Chicago and Iowa City on the five-day tour.

Born in Chicago, Stein graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1973 and from Harvard Medical School in 1979. She lives in Massachusetts where she is a physician, wife and mother of two. She co-founded the Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities. Stein ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002, state representative in 2004, and secretary of state in 2006, when she received more than 350,000 votes. For more information on Stein, visit