Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Who Takes ALEKS?

The ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces) is a placement test taken by students who want to improve their math placement. (ALEKS will never lower the placement.) There are 5 Good Reasons to take it, including saving of time and money.

Students need to request to take the ALEKS Placement Test. Approval is easy to obtain. Generally, students need to either:

  • successfully completed Algebra II (intermediate algebra) with a grade of B or higher (both semesters)  OR
  • successfully completed four years of high school math with a grade of C or higher in the senior year (both semesters).

Is the ALEKS Test Required?

No. The ALEKS is an optional placement test.

For Transfer Students

For transfer students, the ALEKS test may not be useful, because the student's math placement can be set based on the math courses they are transferring into WIU. However, if they wish, transfer students may request to take ALEKS if they have met either of the requirements above or are not transferring in a mathematics course.

Requesting to Take ALEKS

Students should first complete the  Information for Math Placement Form. Students seeking to take the optional ALEKS exam may make the request using the request form which is found on the ALEKS Fee page.