Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Susie Brooks

Susan Brooks
Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Assistant Professor


Ph. D., University of Iowa (Mathematics - Specializing in Topology, Jonathan Simon and Oguz Durumeric)
B. A., Eastern Illinois University (Mathematics/Physics, Charles Delman)

Contact Information:

(309) 762-3999 ext 62321
QC 211

Fall 2019 Office Hours: 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:45 am-11:30 am
Monday, Wednesday: 1:00 pm-2:00 pm

Courses Taught:

Each Fall:
Math 133: Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
Math 231: Calculus and Analytic Geometry III
Stat 171: General Elementary Statistics

Each Spring:
Math 134: Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
Math 137: Applied Calculus I
Math 333: Ordinary Differential Equations
Math 334: Differential Equations Computation Laboratory

Research Interests:

Research: My main area of interest is knot theory. My current research has ties between the areas of topology and geometry, while some of my past research involves abstract algebra.

Research with undergraduate students: I have mentored an undergraduate engineering student in applications of ordinary differential equations. In particular, we discovered how ordinary differential equations can model electrical circuits involved in AM radios.


  • Brooks, S. C., Durumeric, O., & Simon, J. (2018). Knots Connected by Wide Ribbons. arXiv preprint arXiv:1808.00154.