Department of Mathematics and Philosophy


Victoria Baramidze
Department of Mathematics and Philosophy



Ph. D., 2005, The University of Georgia
M.A.M.S., 1999, The University of Georgia
Diploma in Physics, 1992, Tbilisi State University

Contact Information:

(309) 298-1238 
474 Morgan Hall

Teaching and Research Highlights

Fall 2021 Office Hours: 

By appointment

Courses Taught:

  • Modeling with Mathematical Functions
  • Precalculus Algebra
  • Precalculus Trigonometry
  • Discrete Math
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Differential Calculus
  • Integral Calculus
  • Computer Algebra System Lab
  • Calculus with Analytic Geometry
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Approximation Theory
  • Scientific Computing
  • Numerical Differential Equations

Research Interests:

Research: My main area of interest is spline theory, numerical solutions of partial differential equations, numerical integration, computer aided geometric design, geophysics, and atmospheric data analysis.

Research with undergraduate students: Beginner students interested in approximation theory will be able to explore approximation methods for curves in a plane: classical methods as well as more recent techniques for approximating natural shapes, such as leaves, or simple drawings such as comics. The process would involve all steps from data collection to programming methods in Matlab and analyzing approximation errors. For more advanced students, I would suggest problems involving surface approximations.

Selected Publications:

  • Baramidze, G., Baramidze, V., Xu, Y.(2021). "Mathematical model and computational scheme for multi-phase modeling of cellular population and microenvironmental dynamics in soft tissue." Plos One. 
  • Baramidze, V. and Ming-Jun Lai. (2018). "Nonnegative data interpolation by spherical splines." Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 342: 463-477.
  • Baramidze, V. (2016). Smooth bivariate shape-preserving cubic spline approximation. Computer Aided Geometric Design44, 36-55.
  • Baramidze, V., Ephremidze, L., Mert, C., & Salia, N. (2014). Application of a displacement structure for acceleration of novel matrix spectral factorization algorithm. Journal of Technical Science and Technologies, 3 (1), 25-29.
  • Baramidze, V. (2014). Spherical spline solution of the heat equation. Journal of Technical Science and Technologies(1), 5-13.
  • Baramidze, V. (2013). LaTeX for technical writing. Journal of Technical Science and Technologies, 2(2), 45-48.
  • Baramidze, V. (2012). Minimal energy spherical splines on Clough–Tocher triangulations for Hermite interpolation. Applied Numerical Mathematics62 (9), 1077-1088.
  • Baramidze, V., & Lai, M. J. (2011). Convergence of discrete and penalized least squares spherical splines. Journal of Approximation Theory163 (9), 1091-1106.
  • Lai, M. J., Shum, C. K., Baramidze, V., & Wenston, P. (2009). Triangulated spherical splines for geopotential reconstruction. Journal of Geodesy83 (8), 695-708.
  • Baramidze, V., Lai, M. J., & Shum, C. K. (2006). Spherical splines for data interpolation and fitting. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing28 (1), 241-259.
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  • Baramidze, V., & Lai, M. J. (2004). Error bounds for minimal energy interpolatory spherical splines. Approximation theory XI: Gatlinburg, 25-50.
  • Baramidze, V., & Lai, M. J. (2004). Volume data interpolation using tensor products of spherical and radial splines. Advances in constructive approximation: Vanderbilt 20033, 75.