Department of Mathematics

Mathematics Resource Office (MRO)


The Mathematics Resource Office (MRO) is an integral component in the delivery of service activities conducted by the faculty in the Department of Mathematics. Housed in Morgan Hall 209, the MRO contains numerous resources for use by in-service and pre-service teachers. Professional journals such as the "Mathematics Teacher", "Mathematics in the Middle Grades", "Journal for Research in Mathematics Education" and "Teaching Children Mathematics" are available, as are professional resource materials such as books, video tapes, graphing calculators, and textbook series K - 12. The MRO also houses numerous manipulative materials that are used for instruction in the Mathematics Education courses.

The Western Illinois University Mathematics Teachers Conference is held every spring: This year's conference was held on Friday, April 8, 2016.  Directions for getting to Macomb are at

During the academic year, the MRO also is used for tutoring students working on a degree in elementary education. Students working on an area of concentration in mathematics are used as tutors for the beginning mathematics classes. In addition to the tutoring that is available, students are encouraged to make use of the facility for other educational purposes as well.

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