Department of Mathematics

Presentations by mathematics majors at the 2012 Undergraduate Research Day

Several of our mathematics majors participated in the 2012 Undergraduate Research Day on April 18th. Following is a listing of those students along with the names of their faculty advisors and their topics.

  • "Triangle Treachery: Investigating the Area and Perimeter of a Triangle to Create Connections between Algebra, Geometry, and Measurement"
    Joseph Illinchman with Dr. Robert Mann
  • "Moving from Conjecture to Confirmation in Mathematics"
    Anginette Parsons with Dr. Iraj Kalantari
  • "Fourier Series "
    Josh Davis with Dr. Marko Kranjc

  • "Fibonacci Sequences, the Rabbit problem, and the Golden Ratio"
    Grant McCreight, Julia Farnesi, Katy Hattula, and Dayna WIlkens with Dr. Marie-Claire Koissi

  • "Archimedes Calculation of the Area of a Circle and the Volume Formulas"
    Tara Rednour, Brianna Martin, and Jennifer Powell with Dr. Marie-Claire Koissi