Department of Mathematics

Presentations by mathematics majors at the 2008 Undergraduate Research Day

Several of our mathematics majors participated in the 2008 Undergraduate Research Day on April 16th. Following is a listing of those students along with the names of their faculty advisors and their topics.

  • Michael Baramidze - Dr. Victoria Baramidze, advisor - "Using Spherical Harmonies to Approximate Functions on the Unit Sphere"
  • Sarah Cane - Dr. Boris Petracovici, advisor - "Calculating the Heat Flow Through a Sphere Using Fourier Expansions: How the Fourier Series Can Help Make Sure Your Meatball is Cooked to Perfection"
  • Sarah Cramsey and Tyler Van Vleet - Dr. Marko Kranjc, advisor - "The Newton's Method"
  • Kirsten Goranson - Dr. James Olsen, advisor - "Rates: Activities for Improving Multiplicative, Proportional, and Algebraic Reasoning for the ISAT, PSAE, and Life"
  • Lindsay Henderson and Dustin Macdermott - Dr. Marko Kranjc, advisor - "Bisection Method of Approximating Zeros of Functions"
  • Breanne Hoffman - Dr. Feridun Tasdan, advisor - "Analysis of the Effects of Origin and Relevant Baseline Medical Conditions on Death or Myocardial Infarction in the PURSUIT Trial"
  • Samer Khouri and Kyle Lovell - Dr. Iraj Kalantari, advisor - "A Function Can Be Continuous Everywhere and Not Differentiable Anywhere (Using MAPLE)"
  • Carla Webb - Dr. Victoria Baramidze, advisor - "Bessel's Function: A Study of its Zeros"
  • Carla Webb - Dr. Rumen Dimitrov, advisor - "Using Principal Component Analysis to Extract Meaning from Test"