Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Undergraduate Research-Math 444

MannName: Bob Mann

Areas of Interest: Mathematics education; the concept of function; technology in the classroom, guided discovery approaches to learning and teaching mathematics; interdisciplinary math and science courses.

Description: I am especially interested in how activities (science experiments, interactive games, technology simulations, open-ended problems) can be used in fostering and developing mathematical understanding. In particular, I am researching the role of ADAGE (activity, data, analysis, generalizations, and extensions) based lessons in the mathematics curriculum. I would invite interested undergraduate students to devise, research, and assess activity-based instructional materials and then comment on their effectiveness in the math classroom.

I am also interested in studying how students learn the concept of function and the importance of this concept in all branches of mathematics. This is a broad topic which could include research involving the development of the function concept and definition, the multiple representations or uses of functions, graphing techniques, rates of change, or concept maps.