Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Undergraduate Research-Math 444

EalyName: Amy Ekanayake

Areas of Interest: Biomathematics, Difference and Differential Equations, Mathematical Modeling, Stochastic Processes

Description: I welcome those interested in modeling real-world phenomena. We would consider all stages of the modeling process: determining the most appropriate model type (continuous/discrete, deterministic/stochastic, etc), forming the model by determining appropriate assumptions, analytically studying the model's behavior (equilibria, stability, etc), and using software (such as Matlab, Maple) to find numerical solutions. Finally, students would write a report explaining the model and analysis and its implications for the real-world phenomenon. This type of modeling experience would benefit those considering a career in industry or graduate studies in applied mathematics, and pre-service teachers wishing to be able to promote the practical applications of mathematics in their classrooms.

I am most interested in modeling and computation analysis for biological systems, such as birth-and-death processes, epidemics, genetics, predator-prey and competition relationships, pharmacokinetics, and cellular and other medical topics, among others. No biology prerequisite is required.