Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Undergraduate Research-Math444

ChisholmName: John Chisholm

Areas of Interest: Primary area of expertise: Mathematical Logic. I'm offering to provide guidance to students interested in researching METHODS OF FAIR DIVISION.

Description: The goal is to devise procedures to divide a 'cake' (or any kind of 'goods'), with each recipient being able to ensure that they receive a "fair share". It's not enough to try to divide the cake into "equal pieces", since pieces that have equal value in one person's view could easily be unequal to somebody else. With just two people involved, they can use the well-known method of having one cut the cake into two pieces of equal value and letting the other choose which of the two pieces to receive. If we increase the number of people involved, however, a new method must be devised; we can also examine the effects of changing the setting in other ways such as trying to various different standards of "fairness".