College of Arts and Sciences


Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences Departmental Scholar

Spring 2015

Antoinette Leveille (also CAS Student Council Honorary Recognition Award for Social Sciences)

Fall 2014

Kathryn Jones

Spring 2014

Rachel Baraks

Fall 2013

Rochelle Stephenson

Spring 2013

Alysa Grimes

Fall 2012

Kyle Ambrozi

Spring 2012

Davi Warden-Michl

Fall 2011

Tina Dominicus

Spring 2011

Bryan Jeffery Thompson

Fall 2010

Micaela Luisa Martinez

Spring 2010

Delores Robinson

Quad Cities Outstanding Service Program Award 2014

LASSO, for work with the Rock Island Men’s Shelter

Quad Cities Outstanding Student Organization Award 2014




Saskowski Receives Scholarship from The Partnership for Food and Safety Education 

Michaela Rae Romano Scholarship

Spring 2015

Rachel Ineichen, BLAS

Graduate Student Research and Professional Development Fund Recipients

Fall 2014

Diann Sugden, MLAS ($500)

Doris and Victor Day Foundation Scholarship


Laura Huicochea, BLAS
Josie Mumm, BLAS

Liberal Arts and Sciences Graduate Scholarship


Eric Haas ($1,000)


Hollace Good ($500)
Diann Sugden ($500)


Angela Clark ($1000)

Quad Cities Faculty and Staff Book Awards


Janetta Jackson, BLAS ($100)

Quad Cities College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Scholarship


Joseph Erwin ($250)

University Bookstore Textbook Scholarship

Fall 2015

Carl Anderson, BLAS ($100)
Taylor Cook, BLAS ($100)
William Payne, BLAS ($100)
Vanessa Stone, BLAS ($100)
Angela Thomason, MLAS ($100)

Spring 2015

Reed Duyvejonck, BLAS ($100)
Mi'Ca Goldman, MLAS ($100)
Kimberly Hochstein, BLAS ($100)
Josie Mumm, BLAS ($100)
Nicholas Olivia, BLAS ($100)

Fall 2014

Kathyrn Jones, BLAS ($100)
Tara Lee, MLAS ($100)
Antoinette Leveille, BLAS ($100)
Sheridan Saskowski, BLAS ($100)
Paige Senatra, BLAS ($100)

Spring 2014

Ashley Clinton, BLAS/MLAS ($100)
Elizabeth Fynn, MLAS ($100)
Caitlen O’Day, BLAS ($100)

Fall 2013

Laura Caldwell, BLAS/MLAS ($100)
Elizabeth Davison, BLAS ($100)
Heather Powless, MLAS ($100)