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History's First-Place winner, Lauren Armstead, with her faculty mentor, Dr. Febe Pamonag

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History Alumna Abby Lagemann gives keynote address at 2012 URD


History Alumna and Majors at Undergraduate Research Day

Apr 13, 2012

Five undergraduate History majors, mentored by five different WIU History faculty members, presented their research at Thomas E. Helm Undergraduate Research Day (URD) on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012. The keynote speaker for the day was WIU History alumna Abby Lagemann (B.A with Honors in History, magna cum laude, 2009; M.A. in History, 2011), currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of History at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her presentation on "The Lessons of Undergraduate Research" was given at the URD Opening Session.

The five History majors who made URD poster presentations in the Union Grand Ballroom, and their Faculty Mentors, were:

History's First-Place Winnner, Lauren Armstead, senior, whose poster "Maternal Bond in Hiroshima Narratives of Survival," was based on research mentored by Dr. Febe Pamonag, Assistant Professor of History;

Valerie Corey, senior, "Indians Take AIM: The Founding of the American Indian Movement, 1968," (Dr. Virginia Jelatis, Associate Professor of History, Faculty Mentor);

Ryan Grossklaus, senior, "OSHA: The Creation of Federal Legislation Through Rank-and-File Militancy," (Dr. Peter Cole, Professor of History, Faculty Mentor);

Zeynep Karataş, sophomore, "Ottoman Architectural Changes Illustrating the Rise and Fall of an Empire," (Dr. Roberto Mazza, Assistant Professor of History, Faculty Mentor);

Justin Lilly, senior, "On the Military Application of Computers," (Dr. Walter E. Kretchik, Associate Professor of History, Faculty Mentor).

Two members of the History facutly, Dr. Ute Chamberlin and Dr. Roberto Mazza, served as the judges for the History Division of the URD poster competition.

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