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Kevin Kirberg, 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award Winner

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Kevin Kirberg Wins History's 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award

Mar 25, 2012

Kevin G. Kirberg of DePaul University recieved the WIU Department of History's Distinguished Alumni Award for 2012 at WIU's 37th Annual History Conference.

Mr. Kirberg was nominated for this award by History Professor Emeritus Dr. Sterling Kernek, WIU's Distinguished Faculty Lecturer in 1982. Mr. Kirberg, who was the 2004 winner of both the Greater O'Hare Association of Industry and Commerce's Chairman's Award and its Member's Choice Award for DePaul University, received his BA in History from WIU in 1994 and then went to Northern Illinois University for his MA in History. He subsequently put his History degrees to work in a variety of educational settings and positions, including several at Lewis University in the Chicago area, first, as their Campus Coordinator, then their Director of Recruitment, and finally their Executive Director for Enrollment.

Since 2008, Kevin Kirberg has been the Campus Administrator for DePaul University's Rolling Meadows Regional Campus, serving adult, transfer, and graduate students in Chicago's Northwest suburbs. As Campus Administrator, he is responsible for the campus's overall daily administrative and academic support service operations and for developing relationships between the University and regional leaders in education, business, government, and the non-profit sector. Prior to being promoted to Campus Administrator, he served for seven years as the Assistant Campus Administrator for both the O'Hare Campus and the Rolling Meadows Campus of DePaul.

In addition, as a Visiting Faculty Member since 2006 at DePaul's School for New Learning, Mr. Kirberg has taught courses in US history, Middle Eastern history, and International Relations to adult undergraduate students and has served as the Professional Advisor to students pursuing a Bachelor's Degree.

In addition to his professional responsibilities, Kevin Kirberg embodies the kind of responsible community citizenship that the WIU History Department encourages in its graduates. He was elected in April 2011 to a four-year term as a School Board Member of Board of Education for the Plainfield Community Consolidated School District, the fourth largest school district in the state, and he has been a Trustee of the Plainfield School District's Foundation for Excellence since 2009. He served on the Board of the Plainfield School District's Committee for the Coordination of Administration and Parent Groups for Educational Efficiency, and as its Treasurer from 2009 to 2011, during which time he also served as the President of the Parent-Teacher Organization at Plainfield's Freedom Elementary School and as the State Committee Chair for the Illinois PTA M.O.R.E. (Men Organized to Raise Engagement) Coalition.

Kevin Kirberg also serves as the President of the Illinois Fatherhood Initiative, on whose Board of Directors he has served for the last six years. The IFI was founded in 1997 as the nation's first statewide non-profit charitable organization dedicated to promoting responsible fathering and helping to equip men to become better fathers or father-figures. As IFI President, Kevin works with the White House, the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services, and the Illinois State Board of Education to foster greater father and father-figure involvement in education. IFI is one of the leading organizations in Illinois dedicated to engaging men in their children's education; the organization creates programs in schools and school districts throughout the state to encourage and facilitate parental engagement.

Because of his admirable commitment to his community and to education at all levels - from the family to the schools to the university to the state, the History Department was pleased to present him with the 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award.

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