The Making and Unmaking of Queens: The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Aug 22, 2011

"The Making and Unmaking of Queens: The Six Wives of Henry VIII" is a three-week course offered by Dr. Jennifer McNabb, Associate Professor of History, as part of the WIU Non-Credit Programs' "LIFE" (Learning is ForEver) series. The course will meet on the first three Wednesdays of November (2, 9, 16) from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. at the Spoon River Community College Outreach Center (2500 E. Jackson).

The Tudors are one of the most well-known royal families in history, and the most notable of the Tudor kings, Henry VIII, was as famous for his marital (mis)adventures as for his political achievements. The private life of Henry and his six wives continues to fascinate modern audiences through film, television, and fiction. What does the actual historical evidence suggest, though, about the lives and deaths of the Tudor queens? In this course, Dr. McNabb, the English history specialist in the WIU Department of History, will offer participants a historical assessment of the lives of these important women and the man they all married as well as the contributions and enduring legacies of Henry VIII's marriages.

Registration information for this LIFE course is available on-line from the WIU Non-Credit Programs Office or by calling (309) 298-1911.

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