Six History Graduate Students Win Grad School Funding Awards

Mar 14, 2009

Six History graduate students were among the eighteen WIU graduate students to receive Graduate Student Research and Professional Development Fund Awards from the University's School of Graduate Studies this Spring to help defray expenses related to their conference presentations. The six History graduate students are Ryan Buller, Elizabeth Carlson, Ryan Lewis, Daniel Marten, David Sprung, and Eric Willey.

Mr. Marten, Mr. Lewis, and Mr. Buller received Graduate Awards to support their paper presentations at the Missouri Valley History Conference in March. Those papers were based on papers they originally wrote for WIU Assistant Professor of History Dr. Richard Filipink's graduate research seminar. Dr. Filipink chaired their paper panel, which was entitled "The Presidential Recordings: Problems and Opportunities in Kennedy/Johnson Historiography." The panel consisted of Ryan Buller's paper "Johnson and SNCC: Analyzing the Presidential Tapes as a Primary Source," Ryan J. Lewis's paper, "Eyeball to Eyeball": Dean Rusk and the Cuban Missile Crisis," and Daniel Marten's paper, "Pressured to Act: An Examination of the Dominican Invasion of 1965."

In April, Ms. Carlson, Mr. Sprung, and Mr. Willey will present papers at the Fifth Annual Loyola University of Chicago History Graduate Conference, held on the Lakeshore Campus of Loyola University. All three papers are based on research papers they originally wrote for WIU Assistant Professor of History Dr. Jennifer McNabb's graduate research seminar. Eric Willey will present "Witches and Whores: Gender Conflict in Early Modern English Pamphlet Literature," David Sprung will present ""The Trial: Comparing and Contrasting the Salem Witch Trials and the Vintage Malleus Maleficarum Trial," and Elizabeth Carlson will present "The Malleus Maleficarum and A Discourse on the Damned Art of Witchcraft: Resonance and Dissonance in Elite Demonologists' Views on Early Modern Witchcraft."

Previous Graduate School Award winners from the History Department include Ellyn Bartges, now a Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois.

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