Dr. Jelatis Presents Research at Missouri Valley History Conference

Mar 9, 2009

Dr. Virginia Jelatis, Associate Professor of History, presented her research paper, "Trade in a Time of War: The Sac and Fox Indians and the LeMoine Trading Post, 1808-1813," at the 52nd Annual Missouri Valley History Conference, held in Omaha, Nebraska, March 6-8,2009.

Dr. Jelatis, who is also the Director of Graduate Studies for the History Department, received funding for her research from a University Research Council Grant and a College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Mentor Grant. The larger research project of which this conference paper is a part focuses on the impact of the War of 1812 on economic and diplomatic relations between the United States government and the Native American peoples of the Mississippi Valley. By examining the impact of the War of 1812 on the existing network of trading posts at which trade with local Indian tribes was carried out, Dr. Jelatis's research provides new insights into the changing nature of Indian-white relations during the early nineteenth century, at a time when the American nation was rapidly expanding westward into lands claimed by a variety of Indian peoples. Her research also sheds new light on the impact that the war had on trade with Native Americans.

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