Four Historians Win Grants in Fall 2008

Oct 29, 2008

Four members of the WIU Department of History's faculty were awarded research grants by the University in three Fall competitions. Dr. Lee Brice, Associate Professor of History, has been awarded a WIU University Research Council (URC) Grant; Dr. Ute Chamberlin and Dr. Richard Filipink, both Assistant Professors History, have been awarded Faculty Summer Research Stipends for Summer 2009 by the WIU Foundation; and Dr. Peter Cole, Associate Professor of History, has been awarded a two-year Faculty Mentoring Grant by the WIU College of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Brice's URC Grant will help fund his research on the non-elite economy of ancient Greece, in particular on the city of Corinth. It will facilitate his detailed analysis of the coins produced by the mint at Corinth during the late fourth and third centuries BCE, which must be examined at the museums in Britain and Greece where these small-denomination coins are located. In addition to funding from the URC Grant, Dr. Brice's travel-related research expenses will be funded in part by the Department of History and in part by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Chamberlin's Summer Stipend will help fund her research on the political participation of women in inter-war Germany. Dr. Chamberlin's research on the women of Germany's Catholic Center Party during the Weimar Republic (the 1920s) in Germany's Ruhr Valley will take her to archives located in the German cities of Bonn, Munich, Cologne, Muenster, Dortmund, and several other smaller cities in the Ruhr Valley.

Dr. Filipink's Summer Stipend will help fund the completion of his research on the influence of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower on the foreign policies of Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1960s. The book Prof. Filipink is completing, An American Lion in Winter: The Post-Presidential Influence of Dwight Eisenhower on American Foreign Policy, will be based in part on his research, funded by the Summer Stipend, at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston and the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in Austin.

Dr. Cole's CAS Faculty Mentoring Grant will help fund his new comparative transnational historical research on the international labor movement in South Africa. Dr. Cole's investigations into the history of an international labor union (the Industrial Workers of the World, or IWW) in South Africa will complement the research behind his first book, on Philadelphia's IWW, thus allowing him to conduct truly transnational research.

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