Dr. Brice Wins Prestigious URC Grant in Fall Competition

Oct 28, 2008

Dr. Lee Brice, Associate Professor of History at WIU, has been awarded a WIU University Research Council (URC) Grant to help fund his research on the non-elite economy of ancient Greece, in particular on the city of Corinth.

The URC Grant will allow Dr. Brice to conduct his detailed analysis of the coins and dies produced by the mint at Corinth during the late fourth and third centuries BCE, which must be examined at the museums in Britain and Greece where these small-denomination coins are located. Dr. Brice's background in ancient Greek history and advanced training in numismatic methodology make him uniquely well-suited to conduct this research on ancient Corinthian coins in the British Museum, Cambridge University, Oxford University, the Glasgow Museum, and museums in Athens and Corinth, research which this URC Grant will help to make possible. In addition to funding from the URC Grant, Dr. Brice's travel-related research expenses will be funded in part by the Department of History and in part by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Brice's study of late Corinthian small-denomination coins will provide new insights into economic history, particularly the economy of those who were not among the elite in Ancient Greece. It will also broaden our understanding of ancient Greece beyond the realm of Athens, which has served as the focus of so much of the scholarship on this era, to include the vital yet under-studied city of Corinth.

Dr. Brice's earlier conference presentations on numismatics in ancient Greek history have been extremely well-received. The fact that he has been invited to present his preliminary results at the quadrennial International Numismatic Congress in Glasgow in 2009 speaks to the esteem in which his scholarship is held by his peers.

In addition to the significant contribution to the scholarly understanding of the ancient world which Prof. Brice's research will provide, it contributes also to WIU's commitment to educational opportunity and academic excellence, as insights from his research will enrich his undergraduate and graduate course offerings in the field of Ancient History.

This is Dr. Brice's second URC Grant. Other previous URC grant recipients in the History Department include Associate Professor Dr. Virginia Jelatis, Assistant Professor Dr. Richard Filipink, Assistant Professor Dr. Febe Pamonag, Associate Professor Dr. Walter Kretchik, Associate Professor Dr. Edward Woell, Associate Professor Dr. Greg Hall, and Assistant Professor Dr. Jennifer McNabb.

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