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Summer Adventures in History Shared

Sep 19, 2008

Approximately 35 students and History Dept. faculty members gathered on Thursday, September 18 to learn about the "Summer Adventures in History" of two History majors and two History faculty members, a program sponsored by the Associated Students of History (ASH).

Dr. Virginia Jelatis began the program with an explanation of her research on the trade relations of Native Americans and the U.S. government in the years surrounding the War of 1812. She spent several weeks this Summer, thanks to the University Research Council (URC) Grant she was awarded by WIU, conducting research in the National Archives in Washington, D.C., and shared that experience with the gathered students.

Mallorie Clark, a senior History Teacher Certification major, followed with stories and Powerpoint slides of her family's trip this Summer to the Civil War battlefields of Shiloh and Vicksburg, as well as the southern cities of Natchez and New Orleans.

The third speaker was Dr. Richard Filipink, who used part of his URC Grant this Summer to conduct research on John F. Kennedy's Vietnam War policies in the archives of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, Mass. He explained the joys and difficulties of working in a presidential library.

The final speaker of the evening was History-Teacher Certification major Adam Bednar, who first showed Powerpoint slides of his family's trip to New Orleans this Summer and then talked about being a World War II re-enactor -- as a German soldier.

During the question-and-answer session following the presentations, Dr. Walter Kretchik and Dr. Jen McNabb shared their experiences of working in archives in Turkey and England, respectively. Dr. Ginny Boynton pointed out that the Lincoln Library, Truman Library, and Hoover Library are all within a day's drive of WIU. ASH President Abby Lagemann invited students to visit the WIU Archives, located on the top floor of Malpass Library.

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