WIU History Student Research Journal Accepting Paper Nominations

Oct 15, 2008

WIU's chapter of the national History honor society, Phi Alpha Theta, is lauching a new on-line journal of student work, the Western Illinois Historical Review. The new journal will publish selected outstanding student papers nominated by members of the History faculty and selected by the journal's Editorial Board.

Submissions are only accepted by nomination from a current or emeritus WIU History Department faculty member. Any nominated paper must have originally been written in the prior academic year and submitted for credit in a History class or independent reading (e.g., History 451, 452, 490, 598, or 600/601).

Papers will be accepted in one of three categories:
a) undergraduate papers <15 pages long;
b) undergraduate papers 15-35 pages long;
c) graduate papers 12-35 pages long.

Papers selected for publication must demonstrate appropriate historical methodology, including a thesis, analysis, proper use of primary sources, proper citations and style, and original research. Research papers and historiographical analysis papers are both eligible for nomination, providing that they demonstrate proper methodology.

Initial nominations sent to the Phi Alpha Theta advisor (Dr. Lee Brice) need include only the following information: faculty nominator, student author, class and semester in which the paper was submitted, paper title, and the category for which the paper is nominated.

Nominated papers do not have to meet style guidelines (see below) at the time of nomination. All nominated papers must be submitted electronically to the Phi Alpha Theta Advisor by the student author within one month of the initial nomination. All final submissions of papers must meet Chicago Manual of Style guidelines and be typed, double-spaced, in a clean font no smaller than 12 point, with margins no greater than 1", and all citations in footnotes. Faculty nominators are responsible for ensuring that the final submission of a paper meets Chicago Manual of Style guidelines.

While faculty members may nominate as many student papers as they wish, they may not nominate the same student more than once for a single issue of the journal. The journal will consider no more than one paper by any one student for any given issue. If a student is nominated by more than one faculty member, the student may select which nominated paper is to be reviewed for inclusion.

Papers do not have to be written by History majors, nor are submissions limited to members of Phi Alpha Theta.

Questions concerning the journal or the nomination process should be directed to Dr. Lee Brice, Faculty Advisor for Phi Alpha Theta.

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