History Undergraduate Research Grant Opportunities

Aug 25, 2008

This History Department is pleased to announce that it will once again provide Department of History Undergraduate Research Awards to those History majors who are awarded College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Grants in the Fall 2008 grant competition.

See the blue box above for information on the application process and for the electronic application form.

History majors may apply for grants of up to $375 ($300 from the College and $75 from the Department) to reimburse costs incurred when conducting research or when presenting research at off-campus conferences.

Students should meet with their Faculty Mentor at the earliest opportunity, to begin the process of developing their applications, which will need to be signed by the Department Chair prior to being delivered to the College Office no later than noon on September 29, 2008.

For further information on the Department's Undergraduate Research Program, please see our Undergraduate Research page on the Department's web site.

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