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Dr. Cole sings karaoke in Thailand



Jul 25, 2008

In March 2008, Dr. Peter Cole, Assistant Professor of History at WIU, traveled to Northern Thailand with four other residents of western Illinois in order to participate in a Group Study Exchange program sponsored by Rotary International.

Along with three other "young professionals" and a Rotary team leader, Prof. Cole was selected by Rotary District 6460 (west-central Illinois) to travel to Rotary District 3360 in Northern Thailand. The team traveled for the entire month of March, visiting approximately a dozen cities in the part of the country that borders Laos and Myanmar. Local Rotary clubs generously hosted the team, which gave frequent presentations on the culture, life, and history of Illinois and the United States for Thai Rotarians. Subsequently, a team from Thailand visited western Illinois and Dr. Cole served as a tour guide during their time in Macomb and Bushnell.

The opportunity was an incredible one. Dr. Cole met and befriended dozens of Thai people, learning about life there now and in the past. He met with several different professors at universities in Phitsanulok and Chiang Mai. Prof. Cole hopes to integrate some of these experiences into his U.S. History courses at Western.

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