Haka Award for History Students Available

Nov 14, 2008

The deadline for applications for a Spring 2009 Susan and Clifford Haka History Student Opportunity Award, valued at not less than $500 per semester, is December 1. Applicants for this renewable award must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate History major during the semester the award is given and have completed at least 30 semester hours of college credit (sophomore standing), at least 15 of which must have been completed at WIU by the semester the Haka award is given.

Applicants must also have been endorsed by a member of the History faculty as having solid academic potential, with a minimum GPA of 3.00 for courses completed at WIU. They must also qualify as having financial need to support direct educational necessities, such as the purchase of textbooks or payment of tuition and other fees, as determined by the WIU Scholarship Office.

Interested students should contact the History Department (298-1053 or VR-Boynton@wiu.edu) or complete the application form in the blue box in the upper right and submit it to the History Department Chair.

The Haka Award was established by Dr. Susan and Mr. Clifford Haka to assist students majoring in History who have been endorsed by the History faculty as having solid academic potential and by the Scholarship Office as having genuine financial need.

The awards are made for the Fall (May 1 application deadline) and Spring (Dec. 1 application deadline) semesters only. Each award is valued at not less than $500. To receive the award for more than one semester, students must reapply by the appropriate deadline for each succeeding semester; renewal will depend on continuing to qualify for a Haka Award.

Clifford H. Haka attended WIU, earning an undergraduate degree in history in 1971. This was followed by three masters degrees, including an MBA from the University of Kansas and an MLS from the University of Illinois. Clifford Haka was appointed Director of Libraries at Michigan State University in 1997.

Dr. Susan (Verschage) Haka attended Western Illinois University, earning an undergraduate degree in mathematics in 1971. Susan Haka went on to earn a PhD. In Business from the University of Kansas, subsequently joining the accounting faculty at Michigan State University where she was appointed as the Ernst & Young Professor of Accounting in 1996.

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