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Summer 2010 Study-Abroad Course in Greece

Sep 14, 2009

In Summer 2010, Dr. Lee Brice, Associate Professor of History at WIU, and Dr. Georgia Tsouvala, Assistant Professor of History at Illinois State University, will lead interested WIU and ISU students on a short-term study-abroad trip to Greece to better understand "The Glory that was Greece" by visiting the sites and surviving remains of this vital component of the Western tradition.

For more information about this study-abroad opportunity offered through the Illinois State University Study Abroad office, contact Dr. Brice directly by email or telephone (309-298-2982).

Sites to be visited are spread out on the Greek mainland and two Greek Islands. Students will visit historic sites and museums in Athens and Attica to explore the origins of Greek democracy, including the Parthenon, the Acropolis, as well as Marathon, Thermopylae, Sparta, and Corinth, among many others. Traveling to the island of Mykonos will allow students the opportunity to visit the site of Delos.

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