May 26, 2008

All three of the History faculty members who applied for Spring 2008 University Research Council (URC) Grants will receive funding from the WIU Office of Sponsored Projects, the WIU College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), and the WIU History Department.

Associate Professor Dr. Virginia Jelatis was awarded a grant of more than $3,700 from the URC for her research on the "American Indian Factory System and the War of 1812: Re-Examining the Standard Model." In addition, Dr. Jelatis received a $600 match from the CAS and a $750 match from the Department of History.

Assistant Professor Dr. Richard Filipink is the recipient of a $5,000 URC grant, to fund his research project, entitled "'Indochina Would Absorb Our Troops by Divisions': Kennedy, Nixon, and the Decisions that Led America into and out of Vietnam." He will also receive $600 in funding from the CAS and $750 from the History Department.

Assistant Professor Dr. Febe Pamonag received a $4,900 grant from the URC to fund her research on "Training Educated Christian Women: Trans-Pacific Initiatives for Japanese Women's Higher Education, 1890s-1920s." Her URC grant will be supplemented by $600 from the CAS and $750 from the Department of History.

These three distinguished faculty members join the ranks of the Department's URC grant recipients from previous years, including Associate Professor Dr. Walter Kretchik, Associate Professor Dr. Edward Woell, Associate Professor Dr. Lee Brice, Associate Professor Dr. Greg Hall, and Assistant Professor Dr. Jennifer McNabb.

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