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Professor Emeritus Larry T. Balsamo

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Apr 26, 2008

At this April's 33rd Annual WIU History Conference, the Department of History announced its decision to honor recently retired Department Chair and long-time conference organizer, Professor Emeritus Larry T. Balsamo, by naming the Conference's keynote address after him. What will hereafter be known as the "Larry T. Balsamo Keynote Address" has been given at the conference each year by a nationally recognized historian.

At this year's History Conference, a plaque was unveiled, engraved with the names and home universities of each of the thirty-three historians who have given the address since Dr. Balsamo organized the first Annual History Conference in 1975. Many noted luminaries in the field have spoken at the annual conference in the years since Dr. William McNeill of the University of Chicago gave the first keynote address, including Drs. Robert Remini, Joan Hoff-Wilson, Kenneth Stampp, William Chafe, David Kennedy, and Gerhard Weinberg. The plaque has been placed on display in the office of the History Department in Morgan Hall.

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