Environmental History: History 422(G) in Quad Cities in Fall 2009

Apr 5, 2009

History 422(G), American Environmental History, is available for both undergraduate and graduate credit (3 semester hours) for Fall 2009. This course, which will be taught by WIU Associate Professor of History Dr. Greg Hall on WIU's Quad Cities Campus on Thursday evenings this Fall, offers the opportunity to better understand, through course readings and discussion, the ways that Americans have interacted with their natural environment for the last 200 years or more. What has been the impact on America's environment of the growth of cities? Of population expansion into arid regions? Of increasing demand for natural resources? How have Americans adapted to changes in the environment? What does the future hold? Register for History 422 or History 422G and find out!

The class will investigate pre-contact Native American relationships with the environment, the impact of the European ecological invasion, the impact of American agriculture and market capitalism on the environment, and evolving public policy concerning the environment, among other topics. Students will also have the opportunity to research and write on an environmental history topic of their choice.

Registration for History 422(G), which will meet on Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. on the Quad Cities Campus this Fall, is now open via the WIU STARS system (STAR number 39326).

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