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Pres. Abby Lagemann lends Sec. Micca Metz a helping hand!

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VP Dan Mieszala hard at work!

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Dr. Jennifer McNabb, ASH's Faculty Advisor

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Jul 9, 2008

The Associated Students of History elected their officers for the 2008-2009 academic year at their April 24 meeting. Abby Lagemann was elected President, Dan Mieszala was chosen as Vice President, Micca Metz was tapped to be Secretary, and Beth Bekas will be the new Treasurer.

In addition, four new committees were formed. The Fundraising Committee will consist of VP Dan Mieszala, Jillien Zudell, Josh McEuen, Carl Spath, and Myles Cameron (aka "Pope Myles I "). The Fall Kick-Off Party Committee includes Pres. Abby Lagemann, Sec. Micca Metz, Josh McEuen, Jillien Zudell, Mark Bertels, and Myles Cameron (aka "Myles, HRE"). Joining Sec. Micca Metz on the Field Trip Committee are Mallorie Clark, Jillien Zudell, Steve Strohl, Carl Spath, and Myles Cameron (aka "Myles, Archbishop of Canterbury"). The Public Relations Committee, headed by Treasurer Beth Bekas, also includes Jillien Zudell, Cody Boland, and Myles Cameron (aka "Myles "The Hammer" Cameron").

In addition, the members of ASH voted to officially change the election of ASH officers from Fall to Spring, put the duties of the officers into writing (in the organization's Constitution), and changed their Constitution to allow for the formation of temporary subcommittees.

Assistant Professor of History Dr. Jennifer McNabb is ASH's Faculty Advisor.

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