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History majors and faculty at Undergraduate Research Day 2010


19 History Majors Present at 2010 Undergraduate Research Day

Apr 28, 2010

Nineteen History majors participated in WIU's Annual Undergraduate Research Day (URD) on Wednesday, April 28, 2010. Thirteen History majors, mentored by five faculty from the History Department, made presentations on their historical research at this year's URD. Three of the research projects were supported in part by College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Undergraduate Research Grants and Department of History Undergraduate Research Awards. In addition, six other History majors presented their research in other disciplines at this year's URD.

One History major, Clark Ramser, a junior from Rock Island, gave a podium presentation on his research on "The Unsung Heroes of Rock Island adn the Murder of Connor Looney." Mr. Ramser's research, which was supported in part by Undergraduate Research Grants from the College and History Department, was mentored by Dr. Greg Hall, Associate Professor of History, and Dr. Timothy M. Roberts, Assistant Professor of History.

Dr. Lee L. Brice, Associate Professor of History, mentored nine History majors making poster presentations at URD, including senior Molly Brockman of Streator, who presented her research on "Early Christianity in Roman Society"; junior Jennifer Callihan of Galesburg, whose poster explained "The Relationship Between Olympias and Alexander the Great"; junior Daniel Criscione of Villa Park, who presented "Conqueror's Bane: Alexander the Great's Suppression of Bactria and Sogdiana"; senior Zack Forrett of Fort Madison, whose research addressed the question "Was the Persian Empire Ripe for the Picking?"; junior Nick Maher of Milan, whose poster highlighted "Alexander-saurus Rex: Constructivist in the Making"; senior Matt Randall of Aledo, who presented "Alexander the Great and Deification: the Evidence is Not Set in Stone"; senior Sarah Smith of Marietta, whose presentation focused on "Manipulation: Alexander the Great and Religiosity"; junior Katie A. Spear of Byron, whose poster presented her research on "Alexander Through the Ages: From Ancient Sources to Modern Day Popular Culture"; and senior Thomas Wallenfeldt of Macomb, whose research dealt with "The Influence of Aristotle to Alexander the Great."

Sarah Farha, a senior History major from Quincy, presented a poster detailing her research on "Her Intollerable Arrogancy: Comparing the Martyrdoms of Anne Askew and Elizabeth Barton under Henry VIII." Ms. Farha's research, which was supported in part by Undergraduate Research Grants from the College and History Department, was mentored by Dr. Jennifer McNabb, Associate Professor of History.

Marlaina Haberman, a senior History major from Beardstown, presented a poster on "Genealogy Detective Work: Uncovering the Story of John Haberman, 1832-1912." Ms. Haberman's research, which was supported in part by a CAS Undergraduate Research Grant and a History Department Undergraduate Research Award, was mentored by Dr. Tim Roberts.

Caleb Taylor, a junior History major from Farmington, gave a poster presentation on "An Arsonists Dream Come True: Curtis Lemay's Bombing Strategy for Japan," based on research mentored by Dr. Walter Kretchik, Associate Professor of History.

In addition, six other History majors gave poster presentations on their research in the disciplines of Anthropology and Sociology at this year's URD. Valerie Corey and Micca Metz presented "Why I Left Home: A Look at the International Students of WIU" (Anthropology); Samantha Rocknowski presented "Ole! Chasing the Red Muleta of Bullfighting" (Anthropology); Conor Stiles and Matthew McCullough presented "Language and Perception: Slang Language and Undergraduate GPA" (Anthropology); and Kristin Leighty presented "Influences of Smoking Behavior at WIU" (Sociology).

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