Fall course: Women in Modern Japanese History

Apr 17, 2010

This Fall, Dr. Febe D. Pamonag, Assistant Professor of History, will offer History 485(G): Topics in Asian History, with a special focus on "Women in Modern Japan." The course, open to both undergraduate and graduate students, will meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30 to 10:45.

This course (STAR 51685) examines the history of women in Japan from the seventeenth century through the present. Students will examine important historical scholarship and primary sources (e.g., written accounts, speeches, films) to better understand the experiences of women and the meanings of gender over the past 400 years. The course will cover such themes as the modern state and education; gender, empire, and war; gender and American occupation reforms; reproduction and aging; gender, work, and family; and representations of women in film. Course requirements include class participation, short papers, presentation on assigned readings, an exam, and a research paper.

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