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WIU Student Presenters & Faculty at 2010 Phi Alpha Theta Conf.

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WIU Phi Alpha Theta officers


Phi Alpha Theta 2010 Illinois Regional Conference Held at Western; 4 WIU Students Win Paper Prizes

Mar 29, 2010

Thirty-three undergraduate and graduate History students from nine Illinois colleges and universities presented their research papers on Saturday, March 27 at the 2010 Phi Alpha Theta (History Honorary Society) Illinois Regional Conference, held this year at Western Illinois University. Students from Western Illinois University, Illinois State University, the University of Illinois at Springfield, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Bradley University, and Greenville, Illinois, Monmouth, and Wheaton Colleges participated in the day-long conference. The students and Phi Alpha Theta faculty advisors were welcomed to Western by Dean Susan Martinelli-Fernandez of the WIU College of Arts and Sciences.

The graduate and undergraduate students made presentations on subjects ranging in time from ancient Sparta to Watergate, and spanning the globe, from Africa, Europe, and Asia, to the Americas. The conference was organized by Dr. Lee L. Brice, Faculty Advisor of WIU's Phi Alpha Theta chapter, and the chapter officers: President Micca Metz, Vice President Dan Arndt, Secretary David Sprung, and Treasurer Abi Johnson. The final member of the organizing committee was History minor and RPTA major Erik Stewart.

WIU's contingent of student presenters included five undergraduates, eleven graduate students, and one alumnus of the History program. The seventeen students' papers were mentored by nine members of the WIU History Department's faculty: Drs. Ginny Boynton, Ute Chamberlin, Peter Cole, Greg Hall, Ginny Jelatis, Walter Kretchik, Jen McNabb, Febe Pamonag, and Tim Roberts.

Four of the WIU students won paper awards at the Conference: Rob Deveraux, mentored by Dr. Krechik, Dr. Roberts, and Dr. Jelatis, won the award for Best Graduate Paper and Best Overall Paper for his presentation on "America's Pirate Squadron: The Algerine Tribute Vessels, 1796-1798"; Sarah Farha, mentored by Dr. McNabb, won the Second Place Prize in the Undergraduate Division for her paper "'Her Intollerable Arrogancy:' Comparing the Martyrdoms of Anne Askew and Elizabeth Barton Under Henry VIII"; Lara Zink, mentored by Dr. Pamonag, took Third Place in the Graduate Division for her paper "Historical Fiction in the Classroom: Linda Sue Park's When My Name was Keoko"; and Adam Bednar, mentored by Dr. Roberts, was awarded an Honorable Mention for his paper "Honor and Impunity in the Early American Republic."

In addition to Rob Deveraux's and Adam Bednar's prize-winning papers, Dr. Tim Roberts also mentored Tim Ballard's "Publishing the Christiana Riot: Two Moments in National Discourse about Black Resistance, 1851 and 1866," Abi Johnson's "Presidents and their War-Time Powers," and Clark Ramser's "Opposition to the Mexican War."

In addition to Sarah Farha's prize-winning paper, Dr. Jennifer McNabb also mentored Beth Carlson's "A 'Climate of Fear' in Early Modern English Witchcraft Tracts," Brandon John's "Thomas Cromwell's Calculated Correspondence: His Concerns and Approaches During the Years 1532/1533, 1536, and 1538," and Abby Lagemann's "'To The Common Benefit of This Our Country': Justices of the Peace and Prescriptive Justice in Sixteenth-Century England."

In addition to Lara Zink's prize-winning paper, Dr. Febe Pamonag also mentored Jeff Hill's "The Great Raid and the Asia-Pacific War: Exploring Visual Media and the Production of Public History" and Bridget Quinlivan's "Japanese Memories of the War in China."

In addition, Dr. Ginny Boynton and Dr. Ute Chamberlin mentored Marlaina Haberman's "Small-Town Boy Goes To War: The Story of Charles Haberman." Dr. Boynton also mentored Bill Welt's "Eugene V. Debs: Persecution under the Espionage Law." Dr. Chamberlin also mentored Nick Mann's "Give Me Back My Bullets: Evasions of Versailles During the Weimar Republic." Dr. Peter Cole mentored Eric Willey's "Deconstructing Martyrs: White Supremacist Reaction to the Deaths of Emmett Till and Hector Peterson." Dr. Greg Hall mentored David Sprung's "Culture Clash: Buffalo and Brucellosis Management in the Greater Yellowstone Region."

Dr. Ute Chamberlin, Dr. Tim Roberts, and Dr. Ed Woell chaired three of the nine panels of student papers.

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