Spring 2010 Undergraduate Research Grants Competition

Jan 29, 2010

Submission Deadline: February 22, 2010

History majors are encouraged to apply for College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Undergraduate Research Grants for Spring 2010. These are available for WIU undergraduate students engaged in research under the direction of CAS faculty. The purpose of these grants is to support and promote the research efforts of undergraduate students. These grants are intended to fund undergraduate research that may be difficult or impossible to conduct without financial support. History majors may apply for up to $300 (plus 25% matching funds from the History Department) to fund their historical research. All signed applications are due in the College office by February 22.

In addition, students may apply for the Norman and Carmelita Teeter Undergraduate Research Award, regardless of whether they seek grant funds through the CAS Undergraduate Research Grant Competition. These awards are intended to recognize the most outstanding student research projects for the academic year. One set of awards will be made each Spring semester. However, students may apply for the awards in either Fall or Spring semester, and all will be entered into one pool. Each project that receives recognition will receive a monetary award as well.

Both competitions have the same eligibility requirements, obligations, and all participating students must complete the attached application form, which requires the signatures of both the student's History Department faculty mentor and the History Department Chair, Dr. Virginia Boynton (440 Morgan Hall).

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