Dr. Tim Roberts Awarded CAS Faculty Mentoring Grant for 2009-2011

Dec 1, 2009

Dr. Timothy Roberts, Assistant Professor of History at WIU, has been awarded a $3,000 Faculty Mentoring Grant by the WIU College of Arts and Sciences, Dean Susan Martinelli-Fernandez announced.

Dr. Roberts's two-year grant will support his transnational historical research on the history of the first Americans to encounter the Middle East (Protestant missionaries and commercial traders) will complement the research behind his first book, Distant Revolutions, which focused on American responses to the European revolutions of 1848. Prof. Roberts's research will bring new insights into aspects of the field of United States history that have not yet been investigated, especially the transnational context of developments in nineteenth-century America. He will thus be in a position to help remedy the way in which the nineteenth-century United States has thus far primarily been studied without attention to its relationship with concurrent, influential developments elsewhere.

Dr. Roberts's mentor for a portion of this research project will be Dr. Timothy Marr of the University of North Carolina, a recognized leader in the field of Atlantic history.

Dr. Roberts, the Department's specialist in nineteenth-century U.S. history and legal history, will also put his study of the connections between the U.S. and the world to work enriching the new course on global connections in world history that he will be team teaching this year and next at Western (History 275).

Other members of the History Department to be awarded CAS Faculty Mentoring Grants include Dr. Virginia Jelatis, Dr. Peter Cole, Dr. Lee Brice, and Dr. Richard Filipink.

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