Dr. Mazza Wins URC Grant from WIU

Nov 2, 2009

Dr. Roberto Mazza, Assistant Professor of History, has been awarded a WIU University Research Council (URC) Grant in the Fall 2009 competition to partially fund his research in historical sources available only in archival collections located in Israel and Italy. URC Grants are awarded by WIU's University Research Council to provide seed money for new faculty research projects.

Dr. Mazza's research, which uses newly available sources from the Italian consular mission in late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century Palestine, promises to shed new light on the lives of local residents of Jerusalem in the country then known as Palestine. In particular, his project will broaden and enrich the historical scholarship on this topic by incorporating material from sources not previously available to historians. Dr. Mazza is an already published scholar in the field. His first book, Jerusalem: From the Ottomans to the British, resulted from his extensive research in historical sources in European and Middle Eastern archival collections.

In addition to the significant contribution Dr. Mazza's research will make to our understanding of the historical context of modern-day Jerusalem and Israel, insights from his research will enrich his undergraduate and graduate course offerings at WIU on the history of the Middle East.

In addition to Dr. Mazza's URC Grant, WIU awarded Summer Research Stipends to Assistant Professor of History Dr. Febe Pamonag, and to Associate Professors of History Dr. Greg Hall and Dr. Peter Cole (see blue box to upper right).

Other History Department faculty receiving URC Grants in recent years include Professor of History Dr. Scott Palmer, Associate Professors Dr. Greg Hall, Dr. Ed Woell, Dr. Lee Brice, Dr. Virginia Jelatis, Dr. Walter Kretchik, and Dr. Jennifer McNabb, and Assistant Professors Dr. Richard Filipink and Dr. Febe Pamonag.

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