History 550: Graduate Workshop on Paleography and Research Methods

Oct 26, 2009

During Spring semester, Dr. Jennifer McNabb, Associate Professor of History, will offer History 550, Graduate Workshop in History: Paleography and Research Methods. History 550 (STAR 45078) will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:00 to 3:15 p.m.

This graduate workshop is designed to give graduate students in History practical experience at working with handwritten and printed records produced during the early modern period. Given the texts available at Malpass Library and in Dr. McNabb's own personal records collection, the focus will be on English records. However, many of the research skills acquired in the course are transferable to the study of other European countries as well as American history. The semester will begin with instruction in reading and accurately transcribing printed and handwritten primary source materials. This section of the course will also discuss extant source collections for the early modern period and get students thinking about how historians use these documents to investigate the past. The second portion of the course will be devoted to more in-depth investigation into two document collections, one on early modern matrimony and the other on the Spanish Armada.

History 550 will require the production of a prospectus discussing research methods and paleographic transcriptions of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century records. Class sessions will include instruction concerning early modern orthography in print and manuscript as well as early modern research methods. Attendance and active participation in class sessions plus performance on a series of transcription assignments derived from a variety of print and manuscript sources, a research prospectus based on transcriptions of digitized copies of manuscript sources, and an oral presentation of the prospectus will determine course grade.

For further information on History 550, contact Dr. McNabb.

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