History 512: Research Seminar in Diplomatic History

Oct 26, 2009

During Spring semester, Dr. Walter Kretchik, Associate Professor of History, will offer the History Department's graduate research seminar, History 512: "Crises in American Diplomacy, 1789-1965." History 512 (STAR 45076) will meet on Thursday evenings (6:30 to 9:00 p.m.).

History 512 is a graduate-level research seminar in which students will examine noteworthy international crises in United States foreign relations history. Students will initially conduct extensive background reading in US foreign relations from 1783 through the Vietnam War, as well as gain exposure to the decision-making processes used by American leaders in handling crises.

After sufficient grounding, students will conduct independent research using primary and secondary sources to produce the history of a major international crisis where the US government either threatened or used force to achieve national security objectives. Student-led class discussions augment the primary purpose, which is to create a research paper of some length. The intended outcome is a well-researched and documented paper to be presented at a regional history conference in fall 2010 or spring 2011.

For further information on History 512, contact Dr. Kretchik.

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