History 488(G): Comparative History of South Africa & the U.S.

Oct 26, 2009

Dr. Peter Cole, Associate Professor of History, will offer History 488(G) this Spring (STAR 45071). The course, which meets Tuesday and Thursdays at 3:30, compares the history of the United States to that of South Africa, a nation with which it has a great deal in common. Both nations experienced colonization by multiple European empires and centuries of conflict between these settlers and native peoples. Both settler societies experienced internal divisions that resulted in some white settlers moving inland in order to conquer thel and and maintain a traditional way of life. Both societies have suffered deep and ongoing conflicts among different ethnic and racial groups. And both have experienced powerful, often inspirational, social movements to bring equality to the people and democratize the government.

For further information on History 488(G), contact Dr. Peter Cole.

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