History Graduate Student Research Grants Announced

Oct 20, 2009

Five History graduate students have been awarded grants this Fall from the WIU School of Graduate Studies or the Department of History to support their research or their conference presentations.

Aaron Davis was awarded a Research and Professional Development Award from the WIU Graduate School to support his research presentation, "Victoriano Huerta: American Influence in the Mexican Presidency During the Revolution, 1913-1914," at the Conference of the North Central Council of Latin Americanists (NCCLA), hosted by Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa, on October 1-3. Mr. Davis's conference presentation was mentored by Dr. Virginia Leonard, Professor of History.

Four graduate students were awarded History Department Professor Emeritus Awards to support their conference presentations and research. Beth Carlson was granted a Professor Emeritus Award to support her research presentation on "Realism and Skepticism in Early Modern English Witchcraft Tracts" at the Thirty-first Mid-America Conference on History, hosted by the University of Oklahoma on October 1-3. Abby Lagemann was given a Professor Emeritus Award in support of her research presentation, "Suffered to Live Very Disorderly: Vagrancy in Early Modern England," at the same conference. Both students were mentored by Dr. Jennifer McNabb, Associate Professor of History.

Bridget Quinlivan received a Professor Emeritus Award to support her paper on "Memories of the 'China War' in Japan," part of a panel of graduate student papers on "World War II Memories in Japan and Beyond" presented at the 2009 James Jones Literary Society Symposium: "Memories of War," held at Eastern Illinois University on November 6-7. Ms. Quinlivan's research was mentored by Dr. Febe Pamonag, Assistant Professor of History.

David Sprung was awarded a Professor Emeritus Award to support his research at the Newberry Library on the commercial hunting of bison on the southern plains in the nineteenth century. Mr. Sprung's research was mentored by Dr. Greg Hall, Associate Professor of History.

Both the School of Graduate Studies and the History Department will hold grant competitions again in the Spring semester. See the link in the blue box to the upper right for further information.

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