Drs. Brice, Chamberlin, & Mazza Give International Conference Presentations

Oct 19, 2009

Three WIU History faculty members gave presentations on their research at international academic conferences in September and October.

Dr. Lee Brice, Associate Professor of History, presented "Wealthy Corinth Revisited: Preliminary Results of a Die Study of Corinthian Drachmas" at the XIV International Numismatic Congress, held in Glasgow, Scotland, in early September 2009.

Dr. Ute Chamberlin, Assistant Professor of History, presented her research paper on "Practicing Democracy: Women in Local and State Politics in the Cities of the Ruhr Valley, 1919 to 1924" at the Thirty-third Annual Conference of the German Studies Association, held in Washington D.C., in early October 2009.

Dr. Roberto Mazza, Assistant Professor of History, presented his research on "Christian Institutions of Jerusalem and Palestine in the late 19th century, until the early 1920s" at the Second Annual Middle East and Islamic Studies (MEIS) Conference, held at San Francisco State University, in mid-October 2009.

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