Dr. Mazza's Book on Jerusalem's History Published

Oct 15, 2009

Dr. Roberto Mazza's first book, Jerusalem: From the Ottomans to the British, was published in Europe in September 2009 by I.B. Tauris Press. The book is now also available for purchase in the United States from Palgrave Macmillan Press.

In this book, Dr. Mazza, Assistant Professor of History at WIU, focuses on the often neglected transition from Ottoman rule to British administration after the British ended Ottoman rule in Palestine during the First World War. He examines the impact of the First World War and the socio-political changes which occurred as a result of the transition. He also considers the impact of these changes on the local population and how local people, in turn, could act as agents of change in this formative period. He discusses the role of the British in Jerusalem as well as reactions to the occupation in Britain. Through an extensive use of case studies and unpublished archival material from Spanish and Vatican archives, Mazza sheds new light on a previously overlooked area of Middle Eastern history.

Nir Arielli of Sheffield Hallam University has called Dr. Mazza's Jerusalem "the best work we have to date on Jerusalem during the transition from Ottoman to British rule," commenting that "he makes use of a wide variety of sources, some of which have not been published before" and that Dr. Mazza's "analysis offers a fresh perspective on the topic."

Prof. Mazza offers courses on the history of the Middle East and late Ottoman history at Western Illinois University.

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