New History 275 Course on Global Encounters in World History

Oct 26, 2009

Interested in the world? In History 275, World History - Global Encounters Since 1000 (STAR 48330, meeting MWF at 9 a.m.), we will study encounters of the world's different peoples, including explorers, missionaries, traders, soldiers, slaves, immigrants, and artists. We will also study how "we" think about "them" -- and how "they" think about "us" (you'll have to come to class to learn what this means!), through artwork, films, and literature. Class assignments will focus on issues of diversity, power imbalances, and the interactive workings of race, ethnicity, class, gender, and national variables.

History 275 is designed as an introduction to world history for any WIU student, history and non-history majors alike, eager to gain a valuable historical perspective on how our environment today is shaped by people's interactions across world regions. This course is team-taught by three professors specializing in the history of Europe (Dr. Ute Chamberlin), Asia (Dr. Febe Pamonag), and America (Dr. Tim Roberts).

For further information about History 275, contact Dr. Chamberlin, Dr. Pamonag, or Dr. Roberts.

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