Dr. Jelatis's Article Published in Illinois History Teacher

Apr 28, 2009

Dr. Virginia Jelatis, WIU Associate Professor of History and Director of Graduate Studies, published an article, "'An Inflammable Region': Indians, Anglo-Americans, and Lead Mining in Northwestern Illinois, 1788-1832," in the "Illinois as the West" issue of Illinois History Teacher (vol. 15, no. 2, 2009) that was guest edited by Dr. Greg Hall, Associate Professor of History at WIU (see link to related article in blue box in upper right).

Illinois History Teacher is published by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency of the State of Illinois, and is distributed to all history and social studies teachers in the state. Each issue has a different topical focus and is guest edited by a faculty member with expertise in that area. Dr. Hall teaches both Illinois History and the History of the West at WIU and has published extensively on the history of workers in the West.

Dr. Jelatis is the recipient of a University Research Council Grant and a College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Mentor Grant to partially fund her current research on impact of the War of 1812 on economic and diplomatic relations between the United States government and the Native American peoples of the Mississippi Valley. Earlier this semester she presented a conference paper on her research at the Missouri Valley History Conference in Omaha. (See link to related article in blue box in upper right.)

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