Dr. Richard Filipink Speaks at Michigan Conference on the 1960s

Apr 6, 2009

Dr. Richard Filipink, Assistant Professor of History, spoke on "Loyalty and Identity: The Evolving Role of JFK in the Cuban Missile Crisis" on April 3, 2009 at a conference on "The Sixties: A Decade That Defined a Generation," held at Macomb Community College in Michigan.

Dr. Filipink's presentation examined the Cuban Missile Crisis, which remains the nearest the world has come to a nuclear exchange. The way this confrontation has been presented by historians has changed over time due to the declassification of documents, tapes, and evidence from participants worldwide. Ast he facts became clearer, the interpretation of those events has altered significantly. Dr. Filipink's presetnation examined the evolution of the historical interpretation of the Cuban Missile Crisis through a discussion of some of the recently released evidence, and the way that evidence has been utilized to revise the history of the Crisis.

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