Britain During the Reign of Henry VIII: Hist 434(G) in Fall 2009

Apr 5, 2009

Dr. Jennifer McNabb, Assistant Professor of History, will offer History 434(G), Topics in British History: Britain during the Reign of Henry VIII in Fall 2009.

This course will take as its focus Britain during the reign of Henry VIII (1509-1547), a period particularly notable for the origins of British experiences of Renaissance and Reformation. We will examine the life and public image of "Bluff King Hal" and the development of early sixteenth-century legal, political, religious, and social policies and practices that affected Britain for centuries.

Course topics include: sex and courtship; marriage and the family; political theory and practice; poverty and charity; crime and punishment; print culture; the relationship of England with its British neighbors; and the relationships of the British states and various continental powers.

This course will combine PowerPoint presentations with weekly class discussions of assigned readings from required texts and E-Reserves. Undergraduate assignments include a midterm and a series of short writing assignments plus a research paper (10-12 pages) on a topic of each student's own interest. Graduate requirements include historiographical essays and critical reviews, additional readings, and a research paper (approximately 15-18 pages), utilizing a range of primary sources. The final weeks of the semester will be reserved for class presentations of student research.

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