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Dr. Lee Brice with former undergraduate research student (now alum) Steve Catania

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Dr. Lee Brice (as a Roman senator)

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History Department Faculty, Staff, and Emeriti celebrate with Dr. Lee Brice. Photo courtesy of Dr. Chris Sutton, Geography

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May 3, 2008

Dr. Lee Brice, Associate Professor of History, received the WIU College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Outstanding Faculty Award for Undergraduate Research (Recent Accomplishment, Fall 2004-Summer 2007) at the Annual CAS Spring Awards Reception on Friday, May 2.

During the three-year period covered by this award, Dr. Brice served as the mentor for seventeen different History majors conducting seventeen different undergraduate research projects. Among the students whose undergraduate research has been mentored by Dr. Brice was Steve Catania, the Distinguished Alumni Speaker at WIU's recent Spring 2008 Undergraduate Research Day and a Ph.D. student in History at Loyola University-Chicago. Including Mr. Catania, who presented twice at past WIU Undergraduate Research Days and won both the local chapter and the national Phi Kappa Phi Award for the undergraduate research project Dr. Brice mentored, seventeen of Dr. Brice's students presented at WIU Undergraduate Research Days from Fall 2004 through Spring 2007. In addition, Ashley Eberle won the Phi Kappa Phi chapter award in Spring 2007 for her undergraduate research project, which was directed by Dr. Brice. In Spring 2007, Dr. Brice also began work on the Undergraduate Research Initiative into Mutiny and Unrest, involving fourteen different students, who continue to work on their individual projects; six of those students, including Myles Cameron, Rob Ramaker, Adam Bednar, Daniel Criscione, Tim Mclouth, and Carl Spath, recently presented the results of their research at WIU's Spring 2008 Undergraduate Research Day.

Four of Dr. Brice's students also presented their research at external academic venues: Steve Catania at Purdue University's History Conference; Laura Sears at the Grove Museum of Glenview, Illinois; and Ashley Eberle and Andrea Van Drew at the Phi Alpha Theta (national History honorary society) State Conference. In addition, several of his students, including Mallorie Clark, Andrea Van Drew, Ashley Eberle, and Holly Sowlles, completed undergraduate research projects overseas, as part of a study-abroad program in Rome that Dr. Brice led. In addition, Dr. Brice served as the director of two undergraduate honors theses: Christopher Thomas's, on "The Library of Alexandria: Cultural Capital of the Ancient World," and Steve Catania's, on "Siege Engineers and Siege Crews: 1090-1400, CE."

Dr. Brice's students have acquired, during this three-year period, a total of almost $10,000 in funding from various sources for their undergraduate research projects, including the WIU Department of History, the WIU College of Arts and Sciences, WIU's Centennial Honors College, and the WIU Center for International Studies.

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