History: The Perfect Minor!

A Minor in History is the perfect complement to any major. Studying History gives you a broader perspective on the global context within which we all live and work, helps you develop the skills in problem-solving and communication that you will need to succeed in today's (and tomorrow's) careers, and helps you put your life -- and those of others -- in historical context. As of Fall 2018, the requirement for the Minor in History can be completed fully online.

Students enrolled in WIU's Law Enforcement and Justice Administration and Recreation, Park, and Tourism Administration majors find that a History minor is the perfect complement to their degree, as it provides them with the historical context for many of the careers open to them.

Students in WIU's Computer Science, International Relations, Business, and Agriculture majors, among many others, will find Western's minors in History to be a superb complement to their majors.

Students with majors in English Literature, French, or Spanish will find a wide array of History courses providing the historical context for their literary studies and will find a minor in History to be the perfect complement to their literary and linguistic studies.

Students majoring in Anthropology, Sociology, and other social science fields can construct a History minor that provides useful additional background for better understanding the historical development of the societies and cultures studied in their major.


For our History Minors:

Our History Department, with award-winning faculty members who are both outstanding teachers and noted scholars in their fields, offers the opportunity to experience the full range of historical study, from the ancient to the modern world, on all continents. History minors are eligible to participate in Undergraduate Research projects, working individually with History faculty members. They are also active in both of our student organizations, the Associated Students of History (open to all with an interest in History) and Phi Alpha Theta (the History honorary society which welcomes minors, as well as majors).

What is a History Minor?

History minors take 18 hours of History courses (6 courses), including any three of our survey courses (in US History and World History, two of which can also count as General Education Humanities courses). The other three courses may be chosen from any of our wide array of undergraduate courses in all areas of History (at least two courses must be at the upper-division level). From ancient Rome to modern Japan, from medieval England to post-colonial Latin America, from Revolutionary America to the modern Middle East -- you can travel the world and travel back through time, all without leaving WIU! Choose the upper-division courses that most appropriately suit your major, or indulge your innate fascination with the origins and development of the world in which we live.

The Modern Global History Minor

Western's Modern Global History minor provides students the opportunity to explore modern history in a global context. It is designed to provide non-History majors with a broad understanding of the historical development of the modern world, is also excellent preparation for more informed citizenship.

The Military History Minor

Western's minor in Military History enhances the educational experiences of veterans and non-veterans alike by offering an exploration of military history in global and American contexts.

The Contemporary United States Studies Minor

Do you want to know more about America? Western's innovative and unique Contemporary United States Studies Minor is the perfect program for students interested in learning more about the United States from a multidisciplinary perspective.  The minor includes coursework in History, Political Science, African American Studies, Sociology, English, Music, Religious Studies, and Women's Studies. 

Middle Level Social Studies Teaching

Minors in Middle Level Social Studies Teaching take 5 required courses, including World History to 1500 and World History since 1500. Directed electives include 3 courses: two upper-division U.S. History courses and one upper-division course in European or World History.

How do I minor in History?

Our Department's Undergraduate Advisor,  Jennifer Sandrik-Rubio , is eager to answer any questions you may have about our minor. She can help you work out a History minor that perfectly complements your major, whatever it may be.

For information on our History courses, see the History Department's Undergraduate Courses web page