History Faculty

WIU's award-winning History faculty have expertise in a broad range of chronological, geographical, and thematic specializations. Click on any of the names below to learn more about that faculty member's teaching and research interests and accomplishments.



The WIU History Faculty - Past and Present


Emeritus Faculty

  • Dr. Virginia Jelatis - American Indian History, American Colonial History
  • Dr. Walter Kretchik - U.S. Transnational and Military
  • Dr. Larry Balsamo - Civil War and Reconstruction, South
  • Dr. Spencer Brown - Africa, Modern Europe, Historical Methodology
  • Dr. William L. Burton - Illinois, Civil War, 20th-Century U.S.
  • Dr. Darrel Cady - Recent U.S.
  • Dr. William Combs - Germany, Modern Europe
  • Dr. David Egler - Japan, East Asia
  • Dr. George Hopkins - Recent U.S. Political, Vietnam
  • Dr. Sterling Kernek - European diplomatic, Modern Europe
  • Dr. Gordon Kirk - Urban, U.S.1877-1914, Quantitative Methods
  • Dr. Rosanna Ledbetter - Modern Europe, Russia
  • Dr. Virginia Leonard - Latin America
  • Dr. Charles O'Brien - Medieval Europe, Enlightenment, European Intellectual
  • Nicholas Pano - Imperial and Soviet Russia, Central and East Europe
  • Dr. Sharon Watkins - France, Modern Europe
  • Dr. Thomas Watkins - Ancient Greece and Rome, Medieval Europe